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Thread: import a scene

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    import a scene

    How do I import a scene from another movie to be used in the one I'm working on?

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    err... tried to reply once and flashkit barfed.

    anyway - what you want to do should be pretty easy although not as straightforward as we would like.

    What you will need to do is copy the frames from the timeline (source) into the tineline (destination).

    Go to the movie that you want to copy frames from. rightclick on the timeline and select the "Select all frames" option, then select "copy frames". Now, you have your "scene" copied. Go to the movie in which you wanted to import the scene. Create a new scene, and then rightclick the 1st frame. Select "paste frames" this will put your scene from the old movie into the blank scene of the new movie. This will also move any library items that may have been associated with those frames...

    That *should* do it. If you need further help, or I missed something feel free to post again and ask more ?'s or call me a dork too ... it's all good

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