Ok chelle... you asked for it, you got it. A never-ending graphic battle.

guess I need to list some rules, eh?

  • 1280x1024 canvas hosted on your site
    Rotate original canvas as you please
    Post here a 370x315 "teaser" image at FK *teaser image must be under 100k
    No file limit for 1280x1024 canvas *must list filesize to avoid dialup users complaints
    No limits to tools used
    Keep some of the preceding image *only if you feel like it or not
    Volleys must be within 1 week *or so
    Theme? BAH!

Showstopper teaser

The Everlasting Showstopper Serve
Showstopper Original 1280x1024 - 267.52k

In the wise words of Al Bundy, the great American Scholar, "Let's rock!"