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    Export Flash image to svg?

    Hi! Everyone:

    I wonder if there is any known easy way to export from Flash to SVG format?

    The only way I know so far is to export as AI or EPS from Flash and then bring the file in Illustrator 10 and then save as SVG. But I have a lot of files to convert and wonder

    - if there is a fast and easier application to do so
    - if there is any way I can do so without color shift.

    Thanks a lot for your help.


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    You could do a screenshot..
    CMD+Shift+3 (full screen)
    CMD+Shift+4 (click+drag area)
    Alt+Print Screen (window with focus)
    Print Screen (full screen)

    If you are on a pc, the image is on the clipboard. Go into photoshop or paint and create a new file and ctrl+v to paste it in. If you're on a Mac, the file is in your hard disk...

    just an idea

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    there are software packages that take screenshots also.. I've used a couple that came default with linux.. but I don't know if any windows or mac versions might support multiple screenshots.

    Here's a search at google:

    screen capture software

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