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Thread: [HTML] Site Check

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    [HTML] Site Check


    I could you some comments on the HTML section of my site.
    I just got finished putting it together and would like to hear
    you opinions on the: Layout, Usability, and Looks.
    I've also tried to design this site to work on any browser; So far I've tested it in Konqueror, Mozilla, and IE.

    Thanks =)

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    1. Nav on the bottom? If you wanna talk usability, not good.

    2. A contact form would be nice. An email link annoys most people. Do a search on formmail.php. VERY easy to config.

    3. Try spicing it up. Add some pics to the right or left side in the layout.

    4. Dont know if it was me, a top image wouldnt load at all. Above the second line over your headings.
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    1. I didn't think it would be to hard for others to figure out, seeing as there kinda the only links on the page.

    2. Yeah I'd love to use PHP,Frontpage extensions, CGI, ect.... but my web host sucks and doesn't support 'em.

    4. Hmm, I'd like to hear if anyone else has this problem...
    I've tried 2 different computers and couldn't get it to happen.

    Thanks for you reply think5577.

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