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Thread: feedback ???

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    feedback ???

    Okay, its not a great site indeed... But, please check everything.


    About it's loading time, interactivity, graphics, sound, backgrounds, fonts, just everything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    don't sell yourself short. it's a very nice site indeed. i want to shoot myself in the head when i see that pop up ad on the right though. it's well worth getting a hosting company that doesn't put those there. the text was a bit hard to read with all the colors going on. i'd streamline that a bit. i love the drop shadow effect on the site. good work.

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    I agree with monstermash in that you shouldn't sell yourself short. The site is not bad at all... I liked it. I did have some minor criticims though, and since you asked here goes:

    monstermash made some good points: that geoshi**ies popup is bloody annoying, and perhaps if you have some extra dough to spend you may want to look into a different host. But this doesn't really have anything to do with your site :-)

    With some of your color(s) the text *is* rather difficult to read, you may want to change them slightly so that you have a greater contrast between the color and the text on top of it.

    Not sure what framerate you are using but on my machine (a PIII, blah blah blah) some of the animation came across slow and choppy (especially the logo anim in the lower left) ... try upping the framerate to like 24-30 FPS?

    Nice little music play control you have there. I understood that the little square was a "stop" button, but it took me a little bit to realise that you have to click the numbers to restart the track. If you are going to use symbols, you may want to include another one for "play" ... it's a tiny gripe, but I can just imagine other people saying something similar tho

    Your background switcher is sweet!

    You *may* want to use a shorter button(over) sound/anim ... seems a tad long for my taste (but then again that *is* just me)

    That all I think .. so, like I said .. don't sell youself short. Awesome start!!
    Uh...where's my underwear?

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    awesome start ???

    Oooopppsss !!! Sorry, I pressed the wrong button, I wanted to press the post reply button, but I pressed the post new button... Sorry again...

    By the way :

    Awesome start you said ??? Haha... =) Actually, this is almost my final works... =) And its still in a worse shape... Lol...

    By the way, thanks alot for your opinions... I really appreciate it. About the logo animation, it's indeed slow, because in that frames contains a lot of animations, too much animation actually. =) I can't do anything with that. I've set it already at 30 fps.

    About the button, I really want to put the sound there... =) I really like it. It really fits there, tho the streaming doesn't

    Anyway, any critics entered will be more appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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