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Thread: deadline looming...i need load movie help

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    deadline looming...i need load movie help

    I'm having problems with 'load movie'.

    my main flash movie contains an empty movie clip with an instance name of 'img_holder' into which i am loading different external swf files. most of these external movies are just images, but some of them contain text and these are the ones i'm having problems with.

    I am using this code to load the swf files in :

    "1802.swf" is a flash file that contains some scrolling text.
    download the fla file here

    when i click on a button to load the 1802.swf into my main flash movie the scrolling down works fine, but for some reason when i want to scroll back up to the top of the text nothing happens when i press the up button. if i test the 1802 movie independantly everything works fine. ??? why is this?

    i have a hunch that the solution is something to do with the instance name text_scroller in the 1802 movie and that when this swf file is loaded into the main movie the instance name isn't so i'll have to dynamically create this. might be barking up the wrong tree here, but i don't know how to do that . anyone know?

    any help with this would be great as i have to have this done by sunday evening (aaaaarrrrgh)

    as a p.s. i don't want to dynamically load my text in so would appreciate folk telling me to do that instead. the way i have my files set up is so that i am loading swf files into my main movie so that as each one is loaded the previous one is deleted, and its too late in the day to change things now.

    please help. if someone could look at the fla file and tell me if i'm doing anything wrong that'd be great, or tell me that i'm right with the ionstance name hunch and tell me how to solve that.

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