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Thread: Burning flash for Mac and PC

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    Burning flash for Mac and PC

    Is there a way to burn a CD with a Flash presentation that will work on both a Mac and a PC? I thought a .swf could be read and run on either computer system, but according to a friend of mine, he says that a PC requires the .exe file. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    The swf will work on both systems, but people have to have the flash player that comes with flash to see the swf, and just not everybody has that. You can go through the process of burning a cross platform cd, but you'll need a mac to do that. The solution is simple though, in flash you can publish as an exe file (windows projector) and also as a macintosh projector. Just publish both, so you'll have two files and put them on the cd. The difference with cross platform buring is that now both files will be seen by both users and otherwise mac users would only see the mac projector and pc users would only see the exe. This last one is good when you have a bigger project that requires cross platform programming and has external content, but in your case I would just put the two files on one cd.

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