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Thread: Help with logo layout - random thoughts ppl?

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    Help with logo layout - random thoughts ppl?

    Ok, so this company has sent me their logo and its this:

    Now, I gotta design some layouts for a new site (using static images and HTML, not flash) using this logo, but 2 b honest, Im pretty stumped on what colours I should use. I was thinking of something like http://www.heaveninyourhands.com/westrugby for a design (obviously different colours) but I dunno, I thinhk I need help with this one.

    Any advice u guys?

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    off the top of my head -

    blue bg, white outline of the England/Britain.

    Alpha'd, or open circle over the SE (London) region in light(er) blue - that is why they're called SE, right? - with the 3 rays in the same position in relation to the circle now.

    That's if you're changing the logo completely, but I still think that a combo of blue, lighter blue and white could look pretty spiffy, even with that current layout.
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    I think your design needs to be simpler to match the logo, though I'm saying this with no idea of what your brief or their branding policy is. Take a look at the general design concepts of this site, it's simple, colourful and does the job. Yeah it's not got flashy gradients and that tech look going, but from the narrow perspective of their logo I don't think that's what they need.

    It's just an idea, but I think it's closer to the mark.

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    that is a very Light looking logo, I would stick with the same color scheme they have their obviously, and go with a very light site, use alot of white space, keep things clean, probably center the page rather than using a side bar in my opinion.

    Alot of the layout would depend on how much content the site needed.
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