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Thread: Im having trouble with shape tweening :-(

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    I am trying to shape tween a hand drawn letter (using the pencil in a single stroke) into a circle drawn using the elipse tool. However when I play back the shape tween the animation morpsh into the border of the circle without the inside fill! And then in the final key frame the fill suddenly pops in. What am I doing wrong? I have followed step by step every tutorial I can find in books and online and this is really getting frustrating.

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    piece of cake


    Select the last keyframe and do Modify>Shape>Convert lines to fills. do the same with the first keyframe. It should work.

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    Also, you might want to use shape hints... Some times FLASH makes things anticolor in order to shape tween. if you tell it what goes where, then it has no choice but to work.

    Try mirazine's suggestion first.

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    There is an awesome quicktime tip on Shape Tween/ Hints here http://www.lynda.com/tips/flash_tips.html. It just may help you out. It loads fast too.


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