i am trying to create a fake email inbox for an eLearning simulation. the brief is thus:

the inbox lists emails. emails are added as the user progresses through the game. for each email, its variables are displayed (from, subject, date received).

i have an array to store the emails in, and an index to keep count:

// Keeps track of number emails so that they can be put into an array
//and referenced.
emailCount = 0;

// Array to store emails in.
emails = new Array();
i have a constructor to create a new email object:

function email(newID, newFrom, newSubject, newBody, newDate) {
	ID = newID;
	emailCount ++;
	from = newFrom;
	subject = newSubject;
	body = newBody;
	thisDate = newDate;
	read = false;
i also have a function to display the emails:
displayEmails.onPress = function() {
	for(i = 0; i < emails.length; i++) {
		attachMovie("emailListMember", ["emailListMember" + i], i);
		with(["emailListMember" + i]) {
			from = _root.emails[i].from;
			subject = _root.emails[i].subject;
			thisDate = _root.emails[i].thisDate;
			ID = _root.emails[i].ID;
			_x = 30;
			_y = 30 * i + 10;
after creating a couple of email instances, and trying to display them, i find their variables are not set. i think its because the array values do not point to the email instance itself, and merely holds a string.

cheers in advance