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Thread: popup html window open frm flash

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    popup html window open frm flash

    can you open a specific sized popup html window from a button in flash?
    I dont want the full browser to open.

    The main flash movie will be in its own window.

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    Yes. You have to use some javascript. Here's a link with info:

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    It's been some time - but I'm back. Betcha no-one missed me!!

    Firstly, you need to paste this in the <head> tag of your page which the pop-up is called from (where your flash movie is), not the pop-up .html itself - (exactly as is):
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function openNewWindow(URLtoOpen, windowName,
    windowFeatures) { newWindow=window.open(URLtoOpen,
    windowName, windowFeatures); }

    Then, you need to sort out the button commands within the flash movie. You should copy this script, obviously changing 'yourNewPage.html' & 'yourNewPageName' to suit you.
    on (release) {
    ("javascriptpenNewWindow('yourNewPage.html','yourNewPageName', 'width=300,height=500,top=10,left=10')");
    Top= and Left= are always useful to make sure the new window opens at a fixed place on the screen. There's also no need to include other attributes such as scrollbar=, status=, menubar= if they are negative; of course if you were to want scrolling in the pop-up, just write in scrollbar=yes in the same '...' as the width, height etc.
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