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Thread: Flash in a Flash Performance Problem

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    Flash in a Flash Performance Problem

    Hey all!
    I have a little problem with my performance of my flashes. I have a fully flash website that has buttons to call other flash movies within that 'root' flash. Unfortunately I experience major performance problems when I run it on slower machines (below 1G, on IE, Windows-all sorts). When I run the called movie on its own, then the performance is fine. I have also taken out all alpha settings in the root-flash. I don't know how to solve anymore. I did surf this great forum now quite a lot, but I can not find an answer to my specific prob (so excuse if I may repeat the subject).
    Frame rate in all my movies is 20.
    check at http://www.mad-media.ch the main flash (choose language then see file). There go to examples and click games. This is a great example. Now to see the difference call
    http://www.mad-media.ch/examples/shooter/shooterIn.swf in your browser or as well http://www.mad-media.ch/examples/shooter/shooterIn.html

    Help is greatly appreciated and further ideas anyway! THX

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    Perhaps you should try placing the pop-up movie clip where the loaded swf is playing, on an area of the stage where there are no graphics behind it, thereby not requiring Flash to redraw it every time something in the game happens. Just a thought.

    Also, since you know that the game runs well on its own in it's own IE window, perhaps it would be better to do just that.

    Hope this helps.
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