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Thread: Transparent Tape

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    Transparent Tape


    does anyone has an idea how to make something which looks like that transparent tape which people use to glue everything?


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    A very good question and I would really like to know the answer as well. I saw something to that effect in a magazine ad for Toyota.

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    search the board. I'm sure this was discussed some time ago in design and graphics.

    it had some good tuts..

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    Try making a selection for the shape of your tape. then use the gradient tool and make a gradient that goes from a light grey (like h:0%, s:0%, b:85%) to white and back to the light grey. then set they layer to like 20% opacity. Then add a drop shadow layer style with the settings:
    blending mode: normal
    color: black
    opacity: 100%
    angle: whatever
    distance: 1px
    spread: 0px
    size: 1px
    and the rest just leave at default.
    Play around with the settings till you get something you like. For added realism you can make the jagged edges that happen when you tear off the tape. You can also cut away pieces of the tape like they got ripped off to make it more grungy-ish.
    That's just off the top of my head but I hope it helps.

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