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Thread: Image project question

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    Image project question

    I am creating CD business cards and I'm getting several hundered pix of people to put on each CD. A program that reads the images from a database will print each CD one-by-one with a different face on each CD.

    I have to determine the right size for them to take the picture at. Let's pretend I need the face to fit cleanly within a 200x250 box (obviously not that big but this is just for example) but their camera only goes down to 640x480 (wouldnt want it any lower anyway). How can I import lots of pics into photoshop (or somewhere) and have a selection box that I can just drag in the area and hit crop, open the next pic and the EXACT size box appears and I can just move the box and crop that one and repeat? I would take too long to keep redrawing a selection box around the heads of the pics.

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    In Photoshop 7 I am almost positive that if you select the crop tool, up on the top toolbar you can specify an exact dimension. You could find one that suits your needs and keep using that mesurement over and over again until you get all your faces boxed in.

    Good luck!

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    I have PS6 and I don't want to re-enter the same values for 100's of pictures

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    look up batch processing in photoshop. there are ways to do exactly what you want to do.

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    batch processing that's it thank you I couldn't think of the name

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