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Thread: what makes pixelfonts blurry?

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    what makes pixelfonts blurry?

    minor problem: i am using pixelfonts for my new flash site and it looks really sharp and crisp and nice and all. but there is this one place where a couple of links are placed and they come out all blurry, they have _x and _y that are whole numbers, and i used links just like them in other places and they look fine... just can't figure it out...


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    are they nested i na component or MC?

    is that MC nested?

    all have to be on a whole px.

    Further, some of the text fields i nthe ocmponents really stink, and are not on a whole px. so you can get the component on a whole px, but it's inner fields can be at all different variations, making it almost impossible to get them to look right.

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    this may sound stupid but:
    Check your monitor smudges of grease or finger prints.. You would be surprised out how just a little bit of grease will make a fone look blurry..

    Also check it on a different monitor. You could have a bad spot or some warping.

    Other than that I am unsure.. I have encountered this before but resetting the _x & _y fixed the problem. Just for the sake of curiosity try changing the x and y by .5 and see what happens..

    the only other thing that it could be is that the text has been resized or is within an object that has been resized. Alos check the properties of the text and see if the kerning and x and y is where it is supposed to be..

    Hope it helps..

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