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Thread: Sizing Issues with background gif's

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    Sizing Issues with background gif's

    I have an upper right nav element in my web page I want to turn into a flash button w/Thunder on the rollover but I can't seem to get the gif 168w x 117h to line up with the rest of the web page.

    Example of how it is suppost to look without the flash button:
    http://www.thunder1045.com/2003/ look for upper right nav "Thunder Workforce Sign Up".

    An example of how it looks with the flash:

    http://www.thunder1045.com/2003/test.htm it's one pixel off, I finaly got the top and right lined up but the left side is squashed. When I align the image left and top it get's blown up one pixel out to the right and top.

    What's the best way to get this to line up? 167x117 is the only room I have to work with.

    Any help would greatly be appreciated, I'm sure this kind of thing has come up in the past.

    PS.... site under construction... all pages not there yet.

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    Just a quick workaround - howzabout fattening the left frame of the original gif by 1px and nudging the rivets right 1px, dropping the logo width by 1px and aligning that right...

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    background gif's

    Yep, I just tried that, then I got your reply

    Check it out....

    I think it's a bummer you can't use sliced photoshop images as backgrounds without nudging and throwing off your lines.

    Anwyay, they're just black, white and grey lines... I may try to draw the frames and import a small version of the beveled aluminum thingy and rivet rectangle.

    Thanks for the reply.

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