Hi guys and gals!

I have this little problem, Ive done a little preloader, nothin fancy, it just tells the bytes loaded. It works fine for my "big" movie, but when I load smaller swfs into a MC that I have in my bigger movie, the preloader for that movie wont work...when I click the button that loads the new swf into that mc, nothing happens...then nothing...and then the movie just appears, without the preloader, and it is the same code for the preloader that I use in the main movie...

Do I make any sense?

I just do it like this, maybe Im doin it all wrong;

if (_root.getBytesLoaded()!=_root.getBytesTotal()){

something like that, I just thought of something, is the problem that Im refering too _root, and the smaller movie is reached in some other way? I dont know