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Thread: Need help with linking

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    Need help with linking

    We all now that if you want to link to a html file(belonging to you, on a server) that is in a subfolder,eg.
    |->START PAGE.html (flash resides here)

    Anyways, to link from the "START PAGE.html" to "PAGE2.html",
    in the actions settings - > GetURL -> with the URL: "HTMLFOLDER/PAGE2.html"

    Easy enough.

    Now heres the problem, say I made another flash movie IN page2.html.
    So the dir would be: "HTMLFOLDER/PAGE2.html". Now what if I wanted to link from "PAGE2.html" to "START PAGE.html", a kinda "goin backwards" method perhaps?

    Any help appreciated.

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    If the main page is at the root level of your dir., then just don't put the folder name...for example:

    page 1 lives on the root - page1.html

    page 2 lives in FOLDER which lives in the root - FOLDER/page2.html

    so if you are on page 2 & want to link to page 1, you just write page1.html...all you are doing is saying go to where this page lives...with HTML, you don't need to refer to the root directory...it just knows that unless you specify a sub folder, it should go to the root dir.

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    Thanx for the reply, BUT
    (correct me if im wrong)
    if you leave it just by itself (eg. startpage.html instead of specifying of directory), it looks up the page name "startpage.html" withing the current folder/directory that it is in, I want to be able to link from inside a folder to the outside of the folder( which is the open root directory)

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