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Thread: Flash vs Fireworks

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    Flash vs Fireworks

    Hey, ive pretty much taught myself flash and i've just started with fireworks. i've noticed theres quite a bit of crossover between the two. what i wanna know tho is which is the industry standard for creating an entire website?. i do know xhtml so i can just embed each thing into a site anyway, any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Flash !!

    Fireworks is meant to be more for Graphics and Photo Manipulation

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    There is no real comparison to these programs because they do two entirely different things. Like estudioworks said, Flash is for vector animating, Fireworks is primarily for image manipulation, animating, and imagemaps. You have to combine Flash, Fireworks, and an HTML program to have good hybrid site. For HTML, I use Macromedia HomeSite yet I am starting to learn toward Macromedia Dreamweaver. But in all reality, you cant put Fireworks over Flash or vice versa and if you did, you cannot leave out an HTML program!
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