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Thread: How to import .EPS or .AI image type into MovieClip

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    How to import .EPS or .AI image type into MovieClip

    Hi to all,
    I know i could just import lots of .EPS to my library.
    But I have a movieclip that I want to be able to replace the image
    in run time with .EPS file from let say /image/0001.eps location in
    real time. I use loadmovie but that does blank out my image and no
    luck yet. Could someone please just give me a hint how to select
    EPS files from a downdown or a text box ?

    I could also use a library if there a way to do that.

    Thank you very very much for reading my question...


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    Dynamically loaded EPS... no can do.

    You can embed the files into SWFs and load 'em that way...

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