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Thread: sound problems?!

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    sound problems?!

    i have some mp3 files of chart singles that i would like to put on my website.

    i have a few different things that i would like to do but dont know how possible they are?!!!

    i would like the 1st song i to run from the start of scene 1 to the end (this is an index which will be returned to and can be on for as little or long as possible). i need it to play in a loop so if they are on the index for longer than the song it will start again. i also need it to start again when you return from a future section to the index, stopping when you go to the next scene.

    i also need a different song to go with each future scence running from start to finish and looping if needed.

    at the moment the 1st song still goes when the next starts so i end up with music overlapping, soyunding awful!

    any ideas on how i can do this?

    at the moment the tracks are taking too long to load, is there any way of reducing the size of the files or selecting just a section of the songs? if not can i loop shorter sound files?

    thank you for your help in advance,

    out of practice!

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    Must I really post this 10 times @ day?


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    Good post Oldnewbie! There should be a Flash 'Sound' Forum, that site at the top with a headline "go here first, ask questions later". Maybe I'm alone on this but I love to figure things out for myself, but will tolerate some help. A good tuturial never hurts. I'd rather learn from a tutorial than wait for someone else to tell how to something--you just learn well that way. Unfortunately there is no way around it sometimes, and there will never be a tutorial for everything.

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