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Thread: Unique "medieval crest" logo design

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    Unique "medieval crest" logo design

    I'm pretty sure you have all seen it, the medieval crests of families, with mythical creatures such as griffins, mythical birds, etc. I was always fascinated by the art and skill involved in developing such an intricate looking creature. I then saw that Jens Karlsson was actually using these creatures as logo designs, I fell in love with his work. I was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction on how to develop such a logo as the creatures on http://www.designchapel.com or http://www.chapter3.net on the computer. I would think that it would be rather difficult, but if anyone could give me some tips or point me to a link that has some that I could take (only if it is freeware of course heh). Thanks in advance.

    Joshua Cho

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    scan a pic of some type of creature you want for your logo. import it into a vector program, adobe illustrator or macromedia freehand, and trace the pic using the pen tool. you can make it as detailed as you want.
    i think thats prolly the easiest way. or i guess you could do a search for a pic of a creature and trace it.

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    damn that first one is a nice site

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