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Thread: infinite menu problems

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    infinite menu problems

    i am having problems with the infinite menu.

    i posted a question asking how to create a scrolling menu and was gave this site


    have followed th instruictions, but my menu bar doesnt move?!

    any ideas?

    tried to post it so you could see what i mean but it wont let me?!

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    i gave you that link, never tried the tutorial though. post the .fla and i'll see what i can do.

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    wouldnt post

    i couldnt gethe fla to post? think it might be too big, will try again in a moment!

    cheers, sadie

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    infinite menu

    its 19.6 mb, i think its too big to post, i still cant do it?
    out of practice!

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    it moves but has a gap?!

    i have altered some of the settings and it now moves, but there is a gap it doesnt go in a continous loop as it should!? my movie size is 550 wide but my movie clip is only 419? could this be why? does my movie clip need to be the same width as my movie? can it be bigger (or smaller)?

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    it works!

    it works with the movie clip size the same as the movie size! it doesnt work when the movie clip is smaller than the movie, it leaves a gap, i am going to try it bigger to see as well. i will post what i find and the action scripts i use (have had to alter them to get them to work) so anyone wanting to do this in the furure wont need to spend ages figureing it out like i have done!


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    sorry, been out all day...

    i just took a quick look at the tutorial and i think the problem is the mask. you only see the part of the sliding mc that is beneath the mask. have you checked that the mask covers as much of the slider as you want it to? anyways, without the fla there's really not much i can do to help i think... but at least you figured some stuff out on your own, thats the best way to learn! ciao

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    ok, ive finally figured it out! the movie size has to be the same as the movie clip size.

    if it's smaller it will leave a gap, if its bigger it will overlap. i also tried making two different movie clips the same size to make into the final one but again it overlapped.

    the movie clip MUST be made from 2 instances of the 1 movie clip which is the width of your movie.

    the action scripting should be as follows:

    onClipEvent (load) {
    xcenter = ???; ??? = 1/2 movie width
    speed = 1/10;
    onClipEvent (enterFrame){
    var distance=_root._xmouse-xcenter;
    _x += (distance*speed);
    if (_x>0) _x=-???; ??? = width of movie
    if (_x<-550) _x=0;

    it is very important to change to expert mode when you write the action script because otherwise you end up with "{" and "}" in places that you shouldnt have thus the movie doesnt slide!

    hope this makes sense i'm not good at explaining myself?!

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