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Thread: Pay for Content?

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    Pay for Content?

    I haven't been here for about a month, so I hope I'm not regurgitating an old thread topic, but does anyone here pay for content on the net?

    Just wondering because I remember reading an article about a month back stating that more and more people were willing to pay for online content nowadays, but I really haven't met anyone in real life who does that.

    In fact, when I started playing the Sims again a while ago, I was surprised to see that my favorite Sims site that I used to peruse one year back had turned into pay-for-content, which made me a bit confused.

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    Well it really doesnt shock me when this sort of thing happens now.

    I think that about 18months ago westlife were thinking of being one of the first to charge for content (don't quote me on that though!).

    Its like this - you pay 20p for a copy of the newspaper everyday, so whay not a 5 subscription to a site for a month were you can more content.

    Remember not all websites are made for free, most are business so just wanna make some cash
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    Yeah, but I just think that the net has always been more of a free environment, that the thought of paying to use a site has been a little foreign to me (and I think to a lot of other people too).

    I know people need to make money, but web services never really appealed to me as an efficient way.

    Though, I find it also odd that people pay for TOTALFark

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    Every aspect of being online has a charge associated with it, why not for the content itself. It better be valuable and I better be allowed to sample the content, but if it's good and the price is fair, yeah, I will and do pay for content.

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    the way i see it, is that for the past 20 years the internet has been a wild card.
    its been free to an extent, people have made rediculous amounts of money, and there is a lot of crap floating about.

    but its slowly getting to the point where its starting to grow up... we are seeing more and more companies soley trading on the net, e-zines are becoming more worthwhile and seem to have a lot invested in them.

    also, the nice big bubble where people would pay you a million just to mention the word 'net' have gone... now you will find it hard/ almost impossible to get huge financial backing.

    the only way to really make money is to charge for it.

    but, this will also help the net evolve... if your going to charge, you will have to provide good content on a regular basis...

    even though i love the freedom of the net, i also know the costs involved in running a large site.

    im suprised its been free this long to be honest.

    on the other hand i think it would be wrong for a site such as this to charge, and make a profit from other peoples work when they have advertising etc...
    i think if a site has no advertising, then they should charge, it all depends on the site and content though i guess.
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    i think people think that hits=market.

    So they try to make money of their visitors.

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