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Thread: buttons in movie clip?!

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    buttons in movie clip?!

    i have been using this (previous post - infinite menu)


    and have finally got the movie clip working, but i have just tried to apply actions to my buttons that make up my movie clip and the links dont work?!

    i am using:

    on release
    gotoandstop ("??????", 1)

    the different stages of the buttons show (up, over, down, hit) but when i click on the button it wont go to the next page? i'm not sure why?

    i can apply actions to the button when it is selected (as an item not button) but when i go into the button section it says i cant apply actions. so i applied the actions as i would to a normal button, just selecting it, but it doesn't transfer me to the next page when i test the movie and click on the buttons?

    i cant post the fla, it is too big as it is and i dont have anything to condense it.

    any ideas? help


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    It sounds like the problem is occurring, because the button is embedded in the movie clip.

    Try placing this script on the root of the movie, replacing "movieClip_mc" and "button_btn" with the actual names of those elements:

    movieClip_mc.button_btn.onRelease = function() {

    This way, the cursor goes "through" the movie clip and reaches the button.


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