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Thread: Should Be Easy! Or So I Thought?!!!?!

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    Should Be Easy! Or So I Thought?!!!?!

    I have been using this movie clip (infinite menu – referred to in a previous post)


    and have finally got the movie clip working, but I have just tried to apply actions to my buttons that make up my movie clip and the links don’t work?!

    the different stages of the buttons show (up, over, down, hit) but when I click on the button it wont go to the next page? I’m not sure why?

    I have applied the actions as I would to a normal button, just selecting it, but when I test the movie, it doesn't transfer me to the next page when I click on the buttons?

    The actions I am using are:
    on (release) {
    gotoandstop (foundation scroll 2 drawing, 1);

    I am trying to attatch the fla, but am having problems?!

    Any ideas? Help


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    What is "foundation scroll 2 drawing, 1"? The first frame of a scene called "foundation scroll 2 drawing"?

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    got it working

    it is a new scene.

    i finally got it working about an hour ago, i laabelled the first frame of the new scene and used the action script to go to the labelled frame instead of the scene!

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