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Thread: reversing action script?!

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    reversing action script?!

    i am using the following code to have images scroll across the screen in accordance to where the mouse moves i.e. if the mouse moves left the images move left.

    the code was from :


    and goes like this:

    onClipEvent (load) {
    xcenter = 275; 275 = 1/2 movie width
    speed = 1/10;
    onClipEvent (enterFrame){
    var distance=_root._xmouse-xcenter;
    _x += (distance*speed);
    if (_x>0) _x=-550; 550 = width of movie
    if (_x<-550) _x=0;

    i want to be able to reverse this code so when the mouse goes left the images go right and when the mouse goes right the images go left? any ideas?!


    thanx for any help

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    I believe you just have to change this line:

    var distance = _root._xmouse - xcenter;


    var distance = xcenter - _root._xmouse;

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    thank you!

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