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Thread: netscape problems?

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    netscape problems?

    I have uploaded a new site of mine that i am testing, I can view it perfectly on my PC in explorer, but not in netscape (4.79).
    Also, A friend of mine tried to view it on a MAC and could not view any movies at all in either browser.
    I have published my site in flash 6.( the same way I have previously published 2 complete flash sites, with no problem).
    If anyone can help me sort this out, its much appreciated.
    The link is: http://www.jokerrdesigns.com.au/main.html
    Cheers in advance!http://www.jokerrdesigns.com.au/main.html netscape problems?

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    I've just checked your site on my mac (OSX 10.2.3) in Internet Explorer 5.2.2 with Flash Plugin 6.0 r67 and I have no problems. It might be an idea to put a check for the r67 plugin, as I know there were quite a few bugs in the last one. I also have no problems in Netscape 6.2 which is also using that version of the plugin. Find out which version of the flash plugin your friend has, and I think half the battle will have been won ;-)

    BTW the sound doesn't loop very nicely - there's a pause between 'loops'. Might be intentional, just thought I'd mention it.

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    I just checked it in NS 4 & 4.7...both did not work...Like Sixshot you need to do a check for the plugin. If you don't have one, I have a great one that is virtually foolproof...

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