Hi there

I would normally do this using tweening - but hey i want to experiment a little. So I'm calling all out there to help.

I'm doing a screensaver that involves a Movie clip of a flower. The screensaver will hopefully be lots of flowers appearing on the screen very small and then growing bigger and fading out at the time - so they appear like they are flying towards to and fading past you.

how can i duplicate the one movie clip and then tell it to start off small and grow and fade. I'd also like to know how i could vary the amount of flowers on the screen at one time as i don't want it to get too crowded. so i'd like to have a limit 'maximum amount' of flowers that can appear on the screen. if i can't get them to fade then i'd probably just get them to disappear when they reached a certain size.

does this sound easy to do ?

i've never really done that much random stuff or duplicating mc stuff.

cheers for any help.