[Flash MX]

Hello all,

I am having some troubles over here and I can't figure out what's going wrong. I have a map of Canada, that has the provinces enlarge on mouseover. In those provinces are areas flagged showing the user where offices are. When the user puts their mouse over the flags, a tool tip appears informing them of where exactly the flag is (city). This works fine when the flag is outside of the province MC. When I put it inside the province MC it doesn't work. I adjust the code accordingly but still nothing. I have a feeling I'm overlooking something nice and obvious so a fresh pair of eyes would be greatly appreciated.

This is my code for the tool tip:

// Show Tool Tip
MovieClip.prototype.show_bubble = function (number) {
	heading_array = new Array(" Vancouver ", " Edmonton Corporate Head Office ", " Master Dealer : Myron's Door Service ");
	this.onEnterFrame = function(){
		duplicateMovieClip("bubble", "bub", 100);
		startDrag("bub", true);
		var filename = heading_array[number];
		var wide = mblength(filename)*6;
		bub.text.text = filename;
		setProperty("bub.text.box", _xscale, wide);
		if (_xmouse>120) {
			setProperty("bub.text", _x, Number(0)-(getProperty("bub.text.box", _width)/2));
		} else {
			// else  push it to the right
			setProperty("bub.text", _x, Number(0)+(getProperty("bub.text.box", _width)/2));
Thanks for your time.