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Thread: sending POST data to an ASP file

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    sending POST data to an ASP file

    i saw the code somewhere to do it, it was something LIKE this
    im looking for clarification
    new loadVars()
    loadVars[0] = somevar
    loadVars[1] = somevar
    loadVars[2] = somevar
    little help?

    or am i WAY off?

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    you'll need to start by creating an instance of the loadVars object:
    sendLV = new LoadVars();

    and assign properties to that object to pass to your asp page:
    sendLV.myName = some var;
    sendLV.myPhone = some other var;

    i would recommend using sendAndLoad so you can get some sort of response from the server after you have sent your info.
    response = new LoadVars();

    set the callback function after you recieve your response:
    response.onLoad = getResponse; //func to call onLoad below

    send it:
    sendLV.sendAndLoad("yourPage.asp", response, "POST");

    callback function:
    function getResponse() {
    _root.myTextFieldInstanceName = response.flashVarPassedBack;

    you can find more info under the LoadVars object in help.

    Hope this helps some,

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    thanx a bunch
    i got it working with a different method tho

    turns out that Flash 5 and FlashMX have very different ways of handling POST data

    i used this
    onClipEvent (load) {
    	queryString = "SELECT ";
    	queryString += "Sales_Code, ";
    	queryString += "Name, ";
    	queryString += "Extension ";
    	queryString += "FROM corp_reps ";
    	queryString += "WHERE Name != '' ";
    	queryString += "AND Extension != 0 ";
    	queryString += "ORDER BY Sales_Code ";
    	loadStatus = false;
    	loadVariables (_root.moviePath+"getdata.asp", this, "POST");
    onClipEvent (data) {
    	if (loadStatus == "true") {
    		_root.make2DArray("corpArray", returnString);
    	else if (loadStatus == "error") {
    		trace("ono, broken")

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