Here's the question. But it's more JS than flash/AS

From a flash movie, I have various new defined windows opening using on(release) commands mixed with JS. Usual gobbledigook. However, my problems lays with the idea that I want each new .html (those which open in the new pop-ups) to pull itself to the front.

So, I think I'm looking for some JS coding in the flash-based on(release) command to tell each pop-up to open that pop-up up-front, regardless of whether a pop-up with the same windowname (winName) is already open, but has been pushed behind the main window. I think that we all know that an .html-based JS command (held inside the .html of the pop-up), such as onBlur="self.focus()" or onBlur="self.close()" won't work 'cos the links coming from those new pop-up windows won't function as they should, either they open behind the pop-up window or they don't open at all.

What I do need it as a flash-based command that will do just that - open or bring each new window, with the same window-name, to the front - along the script-string of
on (release) {
getURL ("javascript:openNewWindow('project1.html','projec t','height=275,width=500,top=70,left=70,status=no, scrollbars=no')");

Ideally, I'd like all this, plus the bonus of being able to close the pop-up onBlur, provided the visitor has finished looking through the 4 individual pop-ups. Difficult.

You don't get the idea? Check out and click through the book link.

Any help?? Thanks in advance.

BTW, I'm still using Flash 5, so any MX help will be useless. Sorry