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Thread: System Requirements for my CD-Rom

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    System Requirements for my CD-Rom

    I am planning a CD-Rom project with four 2 minute video clips.
    I need to know what minimum system requirements I should give my client for the videos to play smooth at:

    1) 320 x 240
    2) 400 x 300

    Will a PIII 450, 128mb push the 320 x 240 OK?
    Will a PIII 750, 160mb push the 400 x 300 OK?

    Thanks for your input.

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    Wildform Moderator
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    I'm not completely sure what you're asking.
    Those image sizes should work ok on those computers, but it also depends on the video and swf framerates you select and the bitrate of the video.
    On the older computers, it will just take a while for the video to load. The speed of the CD rom drive also plays a part.
    There is one major issue to be aware of. Because of the way Flash works, when you have a SWF on CD, the Flash player loads the entire file into memory before it starts to play. So, depending on your computer's speed, ram, CD player speed, etc. your performance may vary. Consequently, we suggest not creating files larger than 10-20MB for use on a CD Rom. You can get around this limit by chaining your video swf's and loading them sequentially.
    We've posted a tutorial on creating Flash video CDs here:


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