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Thread: text help

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    text help


    im looking for this simple text effect,, if anyone knows please help...i actually dunt know how to describe it so im gonna post the url and the name of the intro....... you have to click on this icon to see the effect "Cybersoft Technologies"
    bascially the letters come flying while the whole line is moving.....its very neat.....anyone with any help please email me at



    "Cybersoft Technologies"

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    It's complicated, and probably time-consuming, but the effect should be relatively easy.

    Before you get the line moving, you need to develop the zooming-in text-effects. Basically, type out the text you want, and make sure you get the text correct first time cos there'll be no turning back from here, then 'mocify>break-apart' that text, and separate each letter into separate MCs. These MCs you have to develop by adding a tween for each, depending on what effect you want for it - such as the zoom in.

    Once all these are done, and it will take a little time, then wrap the whole thing into an MC, and create a tween around that MC. That will get the effect to get the line moving.

    There are some programmes around that will help you do all this, but I couldn't name any. It's worth doing it all yourself one time, then you'll have a base for the next time you want to use the effect.

    Good luck. Let me know how you get on.


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