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    I'm working on a project where I'm trying to syncronise my sounds.
    I have made a few loops which I have broken up in its different parts. Like the bassdrum, synt, fx and so on.
    What I want to do is to make more like an online seqenser.
    So when the bassdrum is playing and the user starts the snaredrum it doesn't start until the bassdrumloop is at its startingpoint. Get it..
    Please help

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    Hi i have been working on one myself on and off.

    Well i tell you it's not going to be easy.
    Flash does not give you a great amount of control.

    What i found was if ya put the loops in movie clips
    or even seperate .swf files you get better control.

    With movie clips you make 3 frames
    frame 1 is empty
    frame 2 has the loop sync set to start.
    frame 3 has the loop sync set to stop.

    Then using Tell Target
    you can start and stop a loop with a button

    so say ya had a drum beat in one mc
    then a bass line in another.

    then with a button you could tell both mc's to go to and play frame 2

    then they both would start at the same time.
    the draw back is if the drum beat was looping
    for awhile and
    and you pressed the button the it would start over which would most likely cut it off in the middle of the loop.

    So as you can see you can do some things but it will never be as good as a real sequencer.

    With a little experimentation you could make something
    that is close to what you want to make.

    If you know how to write actionscript
    then there are some more possiblities with variables.

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    Hi jydnas

    yea, I'm aware of the posibility to use start/stop function.
    but as you say there is a draw back, and I can't live with that.

    I have tried to use variables, but I think (I don't think, I know) I have to work some more with actions before I can get this thing working.

    if you are getting somewhere on your project, please let me know.

    Thanks anyway

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    Feature FLA

    Program a drum track in Flash, using a standard 5-piece drum set. By Rob Hruska.

    This is cool... check it out if have not done so.


    Jeff A.

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