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    hey there how's it:

    I have a cuestion regarding files, I don't know in what format I should manipulate my files like for example if I'm going to import a file should I save it as a tif,gif,jpeg.....etc. and the same goes when exporting.
    If you think you can help by giving me the name of a tutorial or an article or explain the basic rules yourself I would really appreciate it.
    Thank you very much.

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    It doesn't matter what file format you bring the bitmap in as. (as long as Flash see it) What you need is the smallest file in at the best quality that you can get. I use png's I tend to get the smallest file and best quality. I've heard others using jpeg's what ever floats your boat.

    On export I tend to use as low a quality jpeg as I can get away with 15-20 setting. I set each image seperate to Minimize the file size. If I have a picture that I don't want to have an loss on. I choose the lossless / png setting. I only use this when it is absolutley nessary. Hope this Helps, Bill

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    thank for the info PoPe!

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