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Thread: beginner needs help

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    I am fed up with this ....

    Hi people,

    Does anybody know how I can check the number of lines contained in a dynamic textfield filled with stuff?
    This is very important for my job .... help ... there has to be a way

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    We might need a little more info on this one an example?

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    example ....

    ok Here is the stuff I am doing ....

    I have to create a questionnaire with radio buttons and dynamic textfields(2 lines long) .

    All the text for the questions is pulled out of a database.

    I have 4 static templates for these questions.
    One template with 2 radio buttons and 2 textfields,
    One template with 3 radio buttons and 3 textfields,
    One template with 4 radio buttons and 4 textfields,
    One template with 5 radio buttons and 5 textfields.

    My problem is, that sometimes the text of a questions runs over 2 lines which creates problems for reading because there is not gap between the questions.
    If there was a way to find out if the text of question is running over 2 lines, I could move the questions located below further down and make my questionnaire easier to read.

    If you can think of anything ....


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