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Thread: A buttons question.

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    A buttons question.

    I've gotten pretty good at flash, but there is one thing I've never learned. How to make buttons that make u go from one scene to the next(so noobyish I know!) All my button is, is a text. Nothing special. But I can't get that MouseEvent thing to come up so I can do the whole "on release" thing. Can someone explain this slowly lol.

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    Whoops. Didn't mean to say there is ONE thing I haven't learned. There is ALOT!!!! haha. Well if someone knows this it would be a load off my mind. It's for a intro on a website, and I could just use swish for it. But I really want to learn how to do it myself. Would help alot thanks!

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    Hey! Make an invisable button by putting a frame into the "hit" area
    only on the button. Then drag the invisable button and place it over
    the text you want to make clickable. Then all the button actions will
    be available to you. Hope it helps, Ed

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    i had the same problem as gunrock ...the invisible button thing worked but i lost the rollover effect of my button...

    there has to be a better way.. and i dont understand why my regular buttons dont work in the first place...would them being in a mask have anythingh to do with it.....i suck

    how can i make a menu thing like o n this sitehttp://www.listencrew.com/

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    What I think is happeneing is that you're doing all this in expert mode, so if you click gotoandplay in the actions menu, that's all it displays. I'm probably wrong though. Okay, if this is what is happeneing, first get into normal mode, then click the goto action under -actions>moviecontrol. Then you see the word scene in the top of the actions properties, just select the scene you want it to go to. I think that that whole invisible button thing is a weird way to do it! I can't understand you guys, am I missing something?

    Hope this helps?


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    yeah i am a big dumb ass...that was the problem.....thanks DOG

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