right this is a bit complex to explain so bear with me.

i'm building a portfolio site in flash that is going to have a lot of content and so i want to build a site structure to categorise the content into understandable sizeable chunks [ie all the interactive flash files to go in an 'interactive' folder, all the ecards in an 'ecards' folder, etc etc]. for me this is an easier way to navigate around the site when building it and updating it - well this is how i work in html and i'm trying to impose this practice onto flash.

so i have a main flash movie containing the main navigation embedded into a html document. when clicking on a link within this flash movie you get thumbnails and text about the project as well as a link to 'launch the project' all in the main movie.

all the 'projects' are swf files embedded into html documents and i want these to appear as pop up windows sized accordingly when you click on a 'launch project' button in the main flash movie.

i am using the basis of tutorial 8 from actionscript.org from the tutorials page:


this tutorial all works fine within a flat site when all the files are in one directory, but once i put a structure to the site ie put files in other folders etc. and use relative or absolute paths to the html pop up windows that are situated in another folder, all i get when i click on a button in the main movie is the pop up window opening with the correct dimensions but no flash file embedded, just an error saying the file could not be found.

does this tutorial thing not work with a site structure, or am i doing something wrong?

i can't really post my code as it's spread accross flash and html pages and it's the smae as in the tutorial [all i've changed is the path to the html popup window]- i just wondered if anyone else had come across this probelm and could advise me whether having a site structure is a no go and i should have all my files in one directory.

this would be a nightmare if i've got loads of different sections and loads of files. i would prefer to have a site structure so if any one could help me out that'd be great.