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Thread: php form mail... comments get truncated if "Enter" is used in the message

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    php form mail... comments get truncated if "Enter" is used in the message

    I'm using a simple php mailer script that sends an email to myself and the person who sent the message to me. It's working fine except for one thing: the user's comments get chopped off if after they hit the return key...

    so if they want to have a simple line break in their email, everything below the line break doesn't show up in the email.

    is this a problem with the flash, or with the php? is this a common issue, or did i just screw something up??


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    its a common issue, and adding a line like
    $comments = str_replace("\r", "\n", $comments);
    usually helps to fix it


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    so do I put that before or after the part where I call up the comments?
    or is that the whole code I should use to call it up?

    I appreciate your help!

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    well, looking at it again, i'm guessing it just goes before the place where I call up the variable.
    you don't need to respond, I'll just play around with it.
    thanks again

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