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Thread: Frustrated Newbie

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    Frustrated Newbie

    I'm Runnig flash Mx, I making a darn simple fade in on text so eventually it apears on the screen. I check the timeline, I got the arrow going across (the line is not dotted) but the transition stil ldoes not work. What I did was made the text on frame 1 copied that frame onto frame 30 and when I set the alpha for each side the 1 frame I set the alpha to 0 and the last frame (30) I set the alpha to 100. But the darn thing wont run the transition. And flash shows it as complete... but it wont work it wont fade in or alpha in whatever you call it. I dont understand. Help?


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    First of all text effects are like an entire discipline unto itself, so please don't get discouraged if you feel overwhelmed a little. I think I finally got somewhat of a handle on it when I understood that text and vectors are two complete different things. Text can be easily changed through actionscript (ie dynamic and input) vector is kinda like a flexible gif. I suggest you get to know the 'break apart' function from the edit menu drop. You have to break apart text twice to get it down from text to vector, then you can change its shape and _alpha.

    If you are still confused post your file and add some comments and I will gladly try to help.

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    hmmm, did you set your motion tween to motion and not shape
    alternatively, try deleting the last keyframe and try replacing it back in by hitting f6 or 'insert keyframe', then try setting your alpha values...

    hope this helps

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    It's really simple. You have to use static text and make it into a movie clip, then you fade the clip, not the text.

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