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I'm new at flash, this is my first attempt to create a flash web site. I used javascript to edit the html file that was published from the flashMX file i created in order to use popup windows to display large imgs from thumbnails in the flash movie. i got these codes from some website to put on my thumbnail as action "on (release) { getURL("java script: popup();");}" then insert javascript "function popup() {window.open ('http://......" in my html file. It does load up the images properly, but everytime after i close the popup window tat was loaded, it will mess up all my buttons, watever buttons i click, it will take me back to the first button where the thumbnails were, and i cannot loadup the popup images again. check my website, click all the buttons and thumbnails u'll know wat i'm talking about. I tried and tried, but i couldnt figure out why, its getting on my nerves. Plzzz someone help me out here, i'd really really appreciate it, thanx a million in advance.