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Thread: HELP!!! Flash 4 trouble

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    HELP!!! Flash 4 trouble

    I have been working on a movie in Flash 4 ( I know, but it's all I got ). Anyway, when I was assigning actions to buttons sometimes my computer would freeze up or Flash would abruptly quit. Now when I try and open my movie the " An error of type 2" message pops up, and I cant even open the movie. My previous versions of the same movie will open, but not my latest version. Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks for any help.

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    The movie is probably corrupted, unfortunately. You could try opening if through the file menu "open" command in Flash. The other thing to try is making a copy of the document and opening that. I doubt either of these will do anything, you've probably lost your work, sorry.

    Have you upgraded to Flash 4.0a?
    The upgrade is on Macromedia's site.
    Also, increase the ram allocated to Flash to as much as you can; select the Flash 4 icon, go to the file menu and "get info", then increase the preferred size in the memory settings. Depending on how much ram you have in the first place, ideally you'd want something 125,000 K (125Mb) of Ram allocated.

    I can't really remember the tricks for keeping flash 4 stable; try keeping the sound panel closed at all times unless you're actually using it...erm that's all I can think of.

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    Thanks for your help. Where on macromedias site is the upgrade? I tried looking but couldnt find anything.

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