as many of you I like very much the "barneys menu"...and I will also use on my own page ;-)

I worked through the stickmans tut/fla and it works very fine in his basic own version (thanx at stickman and all the other for this reconstruction at thie point)

Anyway, I like to have it a little more "complicate"

I try to explain the problem using the stickmans vocabulatory....

Ok, I have a nice button bar which is controlling my menus...the boxes are styled the same way, so that with every menu ( in my case it´s like a bg-theme) slides another submenu bar in the screen by the way the menus do

So, this are the boxes.......

Now, I´d like to have, that the boxes buttons control the "content" like the "main" buttons control the menus, which is in a layer over the menus, so that we have the menus like bg and the content is sliding like the menus and boxes before....over the menus (I hope you get the prob, it´s not as easy to explain for me)

So, the structur is like this:

buttons controll the - ´menus´ AND ´boxes´
boxes buttons shall control ´content´

I´m not very firm with AS, so I tried a few days around, the best result I get, to give the boxes buttons the same code as the mainbuttons, and to duplicate the menucode in the first frame of movie as also in the controlMC, changing all the words ´menu´ into ´content´

It works exactly like I want, until the point, that changes a ´menu´ the first time his x_position....

So, the ´boxes´ for the next ´menu´ slide in, and at this point, hitting one of the boxesbuttons it also changes the content, BUT doing this, the ´boxes´ are sliding in the way, the ´content´ does !!!

Only if I go back to the first ´menu´and call the first ´content´from there everything is anothertime in the correct x_position

Why are they are doing this and how can I pretend them for doing this ???

I don´t understand this with my basic knowledge of As, but in the code I don´t see any x_position relationship of the ´boxes´ to the ´content´, I interpret it reverse

I have an x_position relationship of the ´boxes´ to the ´menus´ and then a x_position-relationship of the ´content´to the ´boxes´, isn´t it like this ??

So, maybe there´s only a little confusion behind to resolve this problem, maybe it won´t work never

I hope, there´s someone out there, who can help me

Thanx in front