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Thread: intro of 371 kb

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    Can I ask you a technical question ?
    I would like to start a little animation on my web site which makes 371 Kb.
    Shall I then have :

    1 picture on my web site shows a "welcome"-button, where the user push it
    and comes into a second image which is my animation of 371 Kb ?

    Is it necessary to make a "please loading" ?

    Thanks for replying me,

    kinds regards,

    Claudine Kierkegaard

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    Some people do what you said some people have popup windows some people just put it on a html page and show it..Thats upto you..
    But id definitely put a preloader on..
    ITs always good..
    IT shows the viewer washappenin with tha page..
    IF its not a big swf file like 20-30 k then not rerally but over 70-80 kid put one on

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