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Thread: movies and transitions

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    movies and transitions

    Need help...

    - Lets say i have a site with three sections.
    - Each of those sections is contained within a movie, which is within a frame.
    - To link to them (or between them) the site basiclly jumps from frame to frame.

    What if I want to have a transition in between? How woulld I have to set up the file in order for the following to happen.

    - You open the site to a homepage.
    - when you click on any section, a movie plays (for example, a plane slides in over your current window), and when it slides out you are on another section.

    Keep in mind that if the sections were 1-2-3-4, you should be able to go to any section, in any order, and you would still get the transition coming above the current section, and sliding out to expose the new section.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is the perfect example of what I am trying to accomplish.

    (thanks to mystic_noob)

    Notice how a transition happens within that section when you press the menu button... then a transition loading screen appears... then fades to the new section. I don't know how to make the the movie transition onclick, load the transition, and make it go to the next. In other words, im clueless.

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    Download the kss.zip on this page:


    Check out the thread. It's certainely not as sophisticated as your example, but it might help you get started.

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    Thanks. Looks like this is what I'm looking for, except I cannot download the file for some reason. Any ideas?

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