Gotta small problem and need any opinions. This isn't really FlashMX exclusive, but figured there might be good answers from experience here.
When I launch a popup from a Flash Web Page or even a script intensive page (Java, whatever), my .swf in the popup tends to run a little slower unless I close that specific originating page behind. And of course you can't close an originating page automatically without the alert window. With that in mind my question is:

Can you launch two windows (1 _self & 1 popup) from the same button using onPress AND onRelease. Actually, I know it can be done cause I did it here locally on my computer, but will it cause problems on some computers out there or do you foresee problems doing this? The _self page would just be a "thanks for visiting" type page with no scripts or swf's embedded. Or would you have another suggestion to maybe fix my prob. Any comments appreciated.