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Thread: help converting flash 4 code to MX

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    help converting flash 4 code to MX

    Hi there

    if anyone can help me with this i'd be more than grateful. I got a tetris game that a client would like developing - i've found a .fla that is exactly what is required, so i was hoping to just update the graphics and re-brand the game to suit the clients needs and obviously give credits to the original creators. this saves the client a lot of money as my time on the project is going to be limited.

    however its a flash 4 file and i'm now working in MX - is there any problem leaving it the way it is - or should i convert it to MX style of scripting. i was thinking of converting it in case i want to add further functionality like highscores in the future, which i'm sure my client will request.

    trouble is i'm not really sure how to do this... any tips and tricks or just a once over and a few comments would be really helpful.

    also if anyone could let me know why the images don't load in after the first level is complete that'd be great as it's stumped me for the time being.

    here's the file - it's zipped 500k



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    FMX should cope just fine with F4 code, and ironically it'll probably run faster than FMX code I don't have Flash right now, so I can't look at the file

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