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Thread: problem with import .ai

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    problem with import .ai

    problem importing .ai into swift3d 2!

    i managed to do it on my friends version of swift3d v3.

    i have v3 saved file but cant open in v2.

    can some one pls help me:
    either export from v3 to swf (outline only)
    import .ai into v2

    thanx in advance
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    what program is generating the *.ai?

    Also, if you're using Adobe Illustrator 9.0 or 10.0, then you need to save your *.ai file as an version 8.0 *.ai file.

    if it's coming from Photoshop, then open it up in Flash, then export it as a *.ai or *.eps file, and take that into Swift3D.

    need more information...

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    1. import your .ai file into flash
    2. ungroup or break apart the object until you have just the lines
    3. select Modify/Shape/Convert lines to fills
    4. export the results to a new .ai file
    5. import the new .ai file into swift3d v2
    hope this helps
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    thak you that helped alot

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