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Thread: tab key and forms

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    tab key and forms

    is there a script for flash 5 to have the tab key work correctly when doing flash forms?


    click on Renew Books down on the bottom of the page, and select the first box, then when you hit tab, it goes to the buttons of movie clips behind it, rather than going to the field directly below as one would expect to happen in an HTML form.

    is there some kind of Focus thing to use? i think i saw something like it, but it was for flash 6, and i need flash 5. any work arounds?

    also, there's a movie clip behind the renew books thing when it pops up (a google search) and both movies have an on release and <enter> action... is it possible to only have the enter key activate the one that is currently focused on? did any of that make sense?


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    i just need the user to be able to use tab to advance to the next field in a form

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